An unforeseen event can take you offline at any time of the day or night.

We get you back up & running ASAP if you’re hit with a security threat or natural disaster, recovering your data with minimal disruption.

There’s no way to predict the future. Business Resilience Essentials & Business Resilience Premium ensures you’ve done all you can to protect your business and your clients from an unforeseen disaster. This is your insurance policy against a ransomware or malware attack which could stop day-to-day operations in their tracks or see client data compromised.


Apps & Software

Layers of protection are applied to the tools you use every day. Seamlessly integrating with Microsoft 365 hosted services like Office, Teams, and Outlook your team can securely access files from anywhere and provide proactive defenses against attacks. This is essential when teams need to collaborate remotely or share files as this is often a security vulnerability.



efex Business Resilience protects Windows-based PCs. This includes cloud backup and recovery, and protection of client data stored on these devices from a ransomware attack, hardware damage, loss or theft. It's all about keeping data safe, and making sure your team can operate no matter what happens to their workstation.

Apps &Software


Whether they're on-premise or cloud-based, servers are the engine room of your operation, storing sensitive, mission-critical data. efex Business Resilience solutions ensure your services and data are restored quickly in the event of a disaster.

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*An additional upfront fee for server backups is charged for commitments less than three years.



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