Take a big step towards a digital future.

If you’re accessing data or apps from outside the walls of your business, then you’re connecting to the cloud and most likely storing data there too.

Cloud solutions power digital transformations and have the power to revolutionise your business.

The cloud refers to servers that are accessed over the internet and the software and databases that run on the servers. It allows you to move away from owning your own servers with the associated administrative burdens of security and backups.

Through the cloud you gain:

  • secure access to your data and applications from anywhere
  • cost-efficient and flexible integration of servers
  • storage and advanced software with updates and security patches handled by the provider
  • the power to deploy advanced automations, machine learning and AI products

An efex Cloud Solution is built to stay in sync with the changes in your business. As you grow, it grows with you…

Establish your needs

Establish your needs

To land on a cloud solution for your business, we assess your current data storage & access requirements and then recommend the best place to securely store your data.

It needs to be easy to access, but also future proof.

If your business needs change, your cloud solution should be able to flex with you.

Store & access securely

Store & access securely

Microsoft Azure is our preferred cloud product with a global network of more than 6000 data centres.

This ensures:

  • smooth, low-latency operations regardless of your location
  • the ability to quickly scale up or down depending on the demands of your business
  • pre-built tools that can make many day-to-day tasks faster and easier
  • end-to-end services that mean you can build without worrying that a compatibility issue will cause disruption
Scale as quickly as you

Scale as quickly as you

The pay-as-you-go pricing structure gives you additional flexibility. You’ll only pay for the assets and services you need.

You can monitor your data and resource usage easily on a single screen.

Scaling up or down your resources is done at the click of a button to deal with a spike or decline in demand for computing power.

Is hybrid cloud for you?

Is hybrid cloud for you?

Azure can also support hybrid cloud models.

This means you can migrate some of your infrastructure to the cloud, but leave other things as they are.

This gives you the flexibility to work through a digital transformation at your own pace, or experiment on the ratio of cloud and legacy operations that work best for your business.

Security updates are also handled automatically, as are compliance tasks for certain industries.

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