We harness the latest technology with our knowledge & experience to make your business hum.

In a nutshell, if your team is using the Microsoft (O365) suite of products from both inside and outside the walls of your business, then you’re embracing the Modern Workplace.

If you’re accessing data or apps from outside the walls of your business, then you’re connecting to the cloud and most likely storing data there too.

Digital transformation means integrating technology to fundamentally change the way you do business and interact with customers. It brings you into the future with online workflows.

If you’re communicating online or using technology in your business, connectivity is the glue that holds everything together. This is why secure, reliable networks are essential.

efex Comms is the new era in business communications.
Find a simple, scalable & affordable solution that works the way you want it to.

It’s essential to stay one step ahead of threats and implement best practice to safeguard your data. We provide full-service threat assessments, virtual chief security officers, simulations and testing.

An unforeseen event can take you offline at any time. We get you back up & running ASAP if you’re hit with a security threat or natural disaster, recovering your data with minimal disruption.

Printing, copying & scanning are second nature to business. We manage your print needs with a simple solution that includes hardware, consumables, consumption, service & support.