You need a telephony system that’s designed to work the way you want it to.

Efficient voice communication is a cornerstone of any successful business.

Telephony, the technology that supports placing and making calls, has evolved continuously.

In Australia, the roll out of the NBN saw a significant switch from calls and faxes using the old telephone network to calls and faxes placed over the internet network - VoIP (voice over internet protocol).

VoIP has helped drive down call costs significantly, particularly for long distance and international calls.

Business owners and managers can take advantage of our communication solutions that connect you with your team and your customers reliably and cost-effectively.



A cloud-based telephony solution that’s leaps and bounds ahead of the big players. It’s cheaper, more reliable & quickly scalable. 

efexConnect has servers across Australia and uses specifically designed algorithms to monitor each centre’s performance, automatically switching to another server within seconds in case of failure.

With a range of hardware and handsets available, it integrates with Microsoft Teams and over 200 CRMs making it easy to fit into the way you already do business. It's seamless communication across devices and locations.

Administrators can easily add or remove line extensions as required and users can easily accept, make and transfer calls from their Mac or Windows desktop or Apple or Android devices.

And reporting provides a snapshot of which parts of your business are working well or need more attention.

Collaborate with M365

Collaborate with M365

The Microsoft (M365) suite of apps includes Teams to share ideas, collaborate and plan effectively. Seamless and fully integrated voice calling, video conferencing, instant messaging and content sharing are all included.

One provider for everything. Simple - Reliable communication is everything for your business.

While M365 has made collaboration and communication easy, businesses still need voice communication for one-to-one calls and dial-in conference meetings.

Customers expect their calls to be promptly answered or returned while your team wants the telephone system to help rather than hinder their productivity.

Compliment M365 with efex Connect for a complete Communications solution that covers all your bases.

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