Inside the cyber solutions that deliver peace of mind for our customers

Inside the cyber solutions that deliver peace of mind for our customers

A brief look around and you’ll notice most managed IT providers include cyber security in their offering. But if you were to go behind the scenes, you’ll soon discover many of them lack the resources and depth of knowledge to truly minimise the cyber risk to your business.

There’s nothing superficial about the cyber solutions we offer at efex. Given the speed that threats evolve, our agility is something we’re proud of, complimented by our in-house cyber team that dedicates 100% of their time to protecting our customers with best-in-class cyber technology.

Read on for a look inside efex and how we bring it all together to give our customers the peace of mind they’re investing in.

The foundation

At the heart of our offering is a robust cyber security framework. Informed by the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s (ACSC) Essential 8 mitigation strategies, we deliver cyber solutions tailored to the unique needs of Australian SMB’s.

  • Cyber Essentials: Ideal for businesses embarking on their cyber security journey that need to establish and maintain a solid security baseline.
  • Cyber Premium: Designed for businesses aiming for a higher level of security maturity with advanced protection and compliance measures.

Technology stack

With the framework in place, we need tools to deliver on the capability. Our choice of the Microsoft technology stack is deliberate. Not only is it widely used by our customers, but Microsoft also offers a comprehensive suite of tools that align seamlessly with our security protocols and the ACSC's maturity levels.

The Team

Located across several of our Australian branches, they’re the pulse of our cyber security operations, and responsible for:

  • Onboarding: Assisting customers onboard their operations to either Cyber Essentials or Cyber Premium.
  • Technical configurations: Setting up and optimising security tools and protocols for each customer.
  • Security assessments: Conducting ongoing evaluations to identify potential vulnerabilities and developing protocols to increase cyber safety.
  • Monitoring: Via diverse threat intelligence sources including the ACSC, vendors, niche media and alert systems, the team constantly stays across new threats to proactively mitigate risks.
  • Security control implementation: Monitoring for unusual behaviour on the customer’s network, e.g. a user logging in from offshore, and investigating it with the customer.
  • Managing vulnerabilities: Regularly analysing and managing customer environments to ensure optimal security.
  • Incident response: Helping customers contain, manage, and rebuild in the event of a cyber-attack.

Our daily processes

Every day, our team dives into a routine designed to stay ahead of cyber activity. This includes:

  • Monitoring new vulnerabilities and assessing their potential impact on our customers.
  • Tracking cyber activity of customers’ devices to check for anything unusual that may indicate a breach.
  • Collaborating with external entities on the latest threat intelligence. Our Network Partnership with the ACSC is of particular importance.
  • Implementing necessary application patches or updates to close known vulnerabilities.

Education and training

We believe that an informed customer is a more secure customer. Our training initiatives include:

  • Phishing drills: Sending simulated phishing emails to test and train users on recognising potential threats.
  • Feedback loops: Providing customers with insights into their team's performance during these drills, highlighting areas for improvement or individual team members that need particular training.
  • Training: Offering training to users based on where they need the most support.

Rapid response

In the event of a security breach or incident, we work closely with our impacted customer(s) to quickly determine the appropriate response:

  • Incident analysis: Identifying the nature and source of the breach.
  • Containment: Isolating affected systems to prevent further damage.
  • Recovery: Restoring compromised systems and ensuring they're secure against future attacks.

Continuous improvement

Our job doesn't end once the defences are established. We continuously assess and re-evaluate by:

  • Analysing customer networks and infrastructures for potential weaknesses.
  • Implementing policies and controls to address identified vulnerabilities, such as enforcing stronger password protocols.

Pulling it together

Behind the scenes, our cyber security operations are a blend of expertise, technology, and proactive strategies. Our commitment to constant improvement ensures that our customers can focus on their business, confident in the knowledge that their digital assets are diligently managed by a team that “lives” on the front lines of cyber security.

To learn more or request a quote, visit our cyber security page.

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