efex is an ACSC Network Partner


efex is an ACSC Network Partner

We’re pleased to announce efex has become an Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Network Partner.

The ACSC leads the Australian Government’s efforts to improve cyber security, with the goal to “help make Australia the most secure place to connect online”. It’s Partnership Program brings together Australian organisations, businesses and individuals with the ACSC and its international government-level network to share collective intelligence, capability and skills.

Why the partnership is important for efex customers

As a Network Partner, efex now has access to valuable resources from the ACSC that are made possible by the ACSC’s extensive network and leading expertise. efex can supplement in-house specialist skills with the intelligence provided through the Partnership to “translate” and deploy best practice cyber security tools and protocols.

In more detail, the partnership provides:

  • Timely threat intelligence news and insights: This information is often made available to Partners before it becomes more publicly available. In addition to timely updates from the ACSC and its network, Partners share threat intelligence.

For our customers: We can quickly act on the latest information and help our customers mitigate risks as they’re playing out.

  • Technical guidance: We have direct channels to expert technical advice from the ACSC on a range of cyber security topics, including incident response, malware analysis and threat mitigation.

For our customers: We can tap into this “brains trust” and roll out cyber security protections faster, with confidence in the efficacy. This minimises or eliminates the impact on our customers’ businesses.

  • Training and awareness: A suite of training materials are at our disposal, including online courses, webinars, podcasts and publications designed to further enhance our cyber security proficiency.

For our customers: By continually developing the skills of our team, we can pass that knowledge and training onto our customers. Through user awareness and training, employees become a line of defence rather than a vulnerability.

  • Collaboration: We’re now part of a broader ecosystem collaborating with other cyber security professionals. This means engaging in presentations, workshops, training sessions and information exchange sessions.

For our customers: We can bring insights into best practice which facilitates our customers’ own growth and defence strategies.

  • Building resilience: We can take part in resilience-building exercises with the ACSC and other Partners. This is geared towards evolving our cyber security capabilities through simulations, assessments and real-time exercises.

For our customers: We’re better prepared for cyber threats. This resilience can be a key differentiator in the market, ensuring consistent service delivery.

Our commitment to the Partnership Program is another step in our larger commitment to make sure cyber security is accessible and affordable for SMBs. While we take care of the technical aspects, our customers can access simple to understand cyber security products that are right sized for their businesses.

Visit our cyber security solution page to find out more.

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