There's a communication solution just right for your business...


Comms Xpress 

A simple solution for businesses that don't have a heavy reliance on phone calls, but everyone needs to be reachable.

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Cheaper, scalable and more reliable than the big telcos, it's a great all-round solution for most SMB's.

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Comms Teams 

Seamless and fully integrated voice calling, video conferencing, instant messaging and content sharing via Microsoft 365 Teams.

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Terms & conditions:
1. The offer is the first three months free on eligible efex communications solutions.
2. To be eligible, you must be subscribing to a efex communications solution for the first time.
3. The subscription period must be a minimum of 24 months.
4. This offer applies only to efex Comms Essentials, efex Comms Premium, efex Comms Teams Essentials, efex Comms Teams Premium, efex Comms Xpress Essentials & efex Comms Xpress    5. Premium. The offer is not available for efex Comms Mobile Solutions
6. The offer is available between 1 July 2024 and 9 August 2024.
7. The offer must be activated & billed after 1 July 2024 and before or on 30 September 2024.
8. This offer is strictly limited to the voice services and is not inclusive of any other subscriptions or hardware rentals that may apply.
9. The offer is not applicable on new user additions to your existing efex communication solution.
10. The offer is not applicable on third party licensing (i.e Tollring / Go Cara), for usage charges on PAYG deals, hardware or other ad hoc charges like porting.