Logic Plus is now efex

We're really excited that the Logic Plus team in Adelaide are now part of the efex team. Of all our branches in regional and metro Australia, Adelaide is now our biggest! If you're not up to speed you can read the acquisition announcement here.

The local team you know so well will continue to support your business, but the transition to efex adds strength to the support we provide with a broad range of technology products, services & skills - all on your doorstep.

In addition to the name change, there's some IT service delivery improvements well underway in Adelaide too. We're improving our systems & processes and also investing in more people, training & resources to ensure you're receiving fantastic support without delay from our experienced technology team.

As always if you need anything, we're only a phone call away on 08 7127 3000, email us or can contact us via the form below if you prefer.

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