Business Telephone Services

Business Telephone Services

Communication is a key driver in every successful organisation. Whether it’s internally with staff or externally with customers, you need the right internet and telephone solution. efexConnect can help keep your business connected.

Our Voice & Data Features

3 Telephony Licensing Options

3 Telephony Licensing Options

Our communication system, efexConnect is both flexible and scaleable, giving businesses an easy solution to streamline all communication. This could include phone, chat, fax, call centre and video conferencing communication.

With 3 levels of licensing options available, including the option of free calls, there is an efexConnect telephony product available for businesses of any size and complexity.

Flexible Data Services

Through our partnership with industry-leading telecommunication providers, we deliver a diverse range of network services from NBN to SD-WAN across commercial fibre.

Flexible Data Services
Secure, Reliable Networks

Secure, Reliable Networks

EFEX Wide Area Networks are built for organisations who want access to a secure private network across multiple locations, optimising call quality and data speed.

Our core network has been engineered specifically for businesses demanding resiliency and high performance for business critical applications.

Video Conferencing

efex can provide Microsoft Teams licensing to seamlessly execute and integrate meetings remotely. We also provide customised equipment such as screens, microphones and cameras for meeting rooms to help you get started.

Video Conferencing
We Make IT Simple

We Make IT Simple

This stuff can be complicated. Talk to us and we’ll show you how to put it together easily and bundle it all into a simple monthly bill.

efex Voice & Data Benefits

  • Local

    Australian based Service and Support

  • Reliable

    Better call quality and a stable platform with high availability

  • Flexible

    Easily scales up or down with your business

  • Leverage the Cloud

    Always have the latest technology solution that never ages

  • Customisable

    Adjust our system to fit your environment

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We’re here to answer your questions

  • My organisation is looking to enable staff to work from home. Can efexConnect work for staff both onsite and at home?

    Yes, efexConnect uses VoIP which means all you need is an internet connection and your team can use their work telephone from anywhere , including their mobile.

  • I’m opening a new office and need phone, internet and hardware like headsets, can efex help with all of this

    Yes, we can provide your phone system, internet connections and equipment for your new office. These can all be bundled into one simple monthly bill.

  • What are the benefits of a hosted voice system over an on-premise system?

    Our efexConnect phone systems are hosted in the cloud. This means you don’t have to buy a hardware phone system. It doesn’t age and is constantly updated so you always have the latest version. You can also access it from anywhere. All you need is internet.

What People Say About efex

It is EFEX’s ability to respond and deliver solutions quickly, making sure the technology is the right fit for the client
Stephen Doyle
Stephen Doyle | Manager Finance and Operations
Greater Western Sydney Giants
EFEX's ability to be flexible have helped us grow and scale very easily
Matt Lahood
Matt Lahood | CEO
The Agency